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Approximately 5% of men will decide to have their vasectomy reversed.  Reasons for this include divorce/remarriage, desire to have more children or loss of a child. Vasectomy reversal can be attempted even if several years have passed since the original vasectomy.


The cost of a vasectomy reversal is about $6,100

Since Canadian provincial health-care providers including Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) do not cover the costs of a vasectomy reversal, we make every effort to maintain a reasonable price, which includes the surgeon, hospital and anaesthetic fees.


Note: We currently do not provide vasectomy reversal service to Non-Canadian residents

No Hidden Fees

There are no charges post-operative clinic visits and sperm testing as these are covered under OHIP and other provincial healthcare plans.

Multiple Payment Methods

We accept cash, personal cheque or many major credits cards.

Payments Plan 

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Read Our Frequent Asked Questions

What will my vasectomy reversal recovery be like?

A vasectomy reversal procedure does not require an overnight hospital stay.

Immediately after the surgery, ice packs placed on the scrotum area are recommended to reduce any swelling and pain. A prescription pain medication will be available after the vasectomy reversal procedure and can be taken as necessary. Often times after the second day, Tylenol will be sufficient to eliminate discomfort or pain.

Due to the superficial nature of the procedure, risks, post-procedure discomfort and disruption of normal activities are limited. Patients routinely return back to work in an office setting in approximately 3-7 days and physically strenuous work within 4 weeks. Sexual intercourse can be resumed as soon as 2 weeks after a vasectomy reversal.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be accompanied by a responsible adult upon discharge to drive you home after surgery

Is it possible to reverse a vasectomy after 10 years?

Yes. Contrary to popularly beliefs, it is possible to have a successful vasectomy reversal 10 years after a vasectomy.

What is the success rate of vasectomy reversal?

The likelihood of sperm again appearing in the ejaculate after a vasectomy reversal is excellent. Although this does not guarantee pregnancy, the likelihood of a subsequent pregnancy are still high. The likelihood of finding sperm at the time of vasectomy reversal is determined by two important factors: 1) the time elapsed since the vasectomy, and 2) the site of the vasectomy.

Keep in mind that the sperm produced from the resulting vasectomy reversal can also be used with additional assisted reproductive techniques to significantly increase the chances of a pregnancy.

What accommodation options are available?

We would like to make your stay as convenient as possible when you arrive for your Vasectomy Reversal surgery. For out-of-town visitors there are many hotels available around our clinic.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor?

A referral from your general practitioner is not necessary.

If a vasectomy reversal fails, should I consider a repeat reversal?

When a vasectomy reversal fails, often times it can be successfully “redone” or other alternatives can be considered. The chances for success depend on the reason for failure of the original surgery, and the type of reversal surgery originally performed. Since each case is different, specialists like Dr. Lo can evaluate your situation and offer you a solution.

Patients Instructions

Before Surgery

    • NSAIDs such as Aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and other pain killers should be discontinued for 10 days prior to any procedure as these medicines can thin the blood and lead to an increase in bleeding during or after surgery
    • If you are not certain if you are currently taking any NSAID’s occasionally or on a regular basis, please check with our office.
    • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the evening prior to your surgery date
    • Arrange for someone to drive you home after your vasectomy reversal surgery.


After Surgery

Apply ice bag to scrotum for 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off, for the first two hours after the vasectomy reversal. Repeat in the next 3-4 days in the evenings

  • Prescription pain medicine can be taken as necessary

  • An athletic supporter (jockstraps) or tight supportive underwear is recommended for 7-10 days

  • Patients can shower after 48 hours. Baths should be avoided for 2 weeks

  • Sexual activity can resume 2-3 weeks after the reversal

  • No strenuous work for 4-6 weeks

  • Return to the office in 2-4 weeks for a follow up visit

  • A sperm count will be ordered 8 weeks following surgery

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A wide variety of techniques have been described in the literature for Vasectomy Reversal, and as with most techniques, they continue to evolve in current surgical practice. Traditionally, incisions for vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) have been up to 3cm or larger. We have developed a mini-incision non-scalpel technique at the University of Toronto for Vasectomy Reversal where the incision is less than 1 centimeter. The Mini-Incision technique for the vasectomy reversal reduces pain, heals quicker and helps men get back to normal activities or work sooner. 

Read More about Mini-incision vasectomy reversal using no-scalpel vasectomy instruments and principles

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